Human Resource Assessment

Human Resource Assessments are systematic methods of gathering data under standardized conditions and reaching a conclusion regarding the knowledge, qualification and potential of an employee.

Course Outline

  • Learn a skill of management of achievement from Understanding the factor and the structure of Performance Assessment and competency evaluation

Learning Objectives

  • Learn a stage procedure for setting a fair personnel evolution system
  • Set up for assessment of BSC-based evaluation of achievement and competency-based capacity evaluation
  • Give motivation to accomplish for individuals and organizational purpose
  • Offer fairness and receptivity of the result by having validity and credibility of personnel evaluation

Course Characteristics

  • The participants can realize and redesign the assessment system of their companies
  • The participants will have the skill of an assessor equipped with the fairness in operating assessment to offer information of manual level that can be used to train the field manager can secure the fairness of operation assessment.
  • Experience-centered learning through the feedback and simulated problem solving
  • Offer the manuals of the methodology of KPI deduction and competency deduction to apply to the filed work

Course Summary

Module Detail Hour
Paradigm shift of Human Resource Management
  • Recent HR Issue & Trend
  • Human Resource System of Outcome Principle
  • Strategic Human Resource Assessment
  • Organization Assessment and Individual Assessment
Performance Assessment and KPI Deduction
  • Introduction and Effectiveness of BSC Performance Management
  • Strategy Map & Key Performance Index Deduction.
  • Performance Management Method by MBO
Competency Assessment and Competency deduction
  • What is Competency?
  • Competency Modeling
  • Index Deduction of Competency Evaluation
Human Resource Assessment System building Consulting
  • System of Organization of Human Resource Assessment
  • Type and Evaluation Method of Assessment System
  • Design an Assessment Chart and Assessment of Items.
  • Achievement, Competency Assessment Methods and Operation
  • Assessment System Design and Management Plan of MBO, BSC, Competency
Management of Achievement Skill
  • Goal Setting and Purpose Sharing 
  • Achievement Management Implementation and Coaching Interview
  • Assessment Interview
Assessment Skill
  • Assessment Skill/ Assessment Error/ Assessment Tendency