유희재 Heejae, YOO

Director of ORP Institute
CPF (Certified Professional Facilitator: IAF)
Certified AI Practitioner (CPC)
Vice President of Korea ToP Facilitators Association
President of Korea Action Learning Association
Director of International Cooperation of Korea AI Association
Director of International Relationship of Korea Assessor Association

Former Ngee enterprise manager of Singapore City Planning Department
Former Representative of National Iranian Oil Company in Seoul
Former Leadership Development Center of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.



오동근 Dongeun, OH

PhD, Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Vice President of ORP Institute
Adjunct Professor of Sungkyunkwan University, South Korea
Vice President of Korea Assessor Association
Outside Lecturer of Capacity development course for Mandarin, 4th Grade Chief and Deputy Director Of the Center Officials Training Institute
Capacity Assessment Committee for senior civil servant of Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Interviewer of the Foreign Service Examination
Interviewer of Ministry of Public Administration and Security
Capacity Assessment Specialist of Seoul City.
Specialist of Capacity Assessment Center of Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Master Trainer of US HAS

Books : Psychological Tests, Scientific Selection


김용운 Yong Woon, KIM 

Doctoral Coursework Completion in Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Director of ORP Institute
Former Chief of LOTTE Academy
Former director of Leaders Insight
Former Chief of Dasan E&E
Doctoral Coursework Completion in Industrial/Organizational Psychology


DAVAASUREN, Tumendemberel

MA in Education  


Business Development Manager of ORP Mongolia 

Former Human Resource Manager of Global Ideas LLC   
Former Human Resource Officer of Lotte E&C Mongolia LLC