Interview Specialists are subject matter experts on interview practice and policy to assist both applicants and examiners in interviews, as needed, including facilitating interviews by assisting with technical issues which may arise or helping to ensure that the interview goes smoothly.

Course Outline

An interview will provide a chance for the candidates to show their abilities that they are suitable for the company. According to the interview, interviewers can collect the data and evaluate what kind of people they need to hire for the company. Furthermore, the interviewers should qualify themselves for the evaluation skills and question method for an accurate assessment. Interview in recruitment is different method to compare with other recruitment systems because there is such an interplay between the candidates and interviewers. From this course, the participants are able to learn about skills and principles to secure the credibility and validity of interview as well as to minimize the assessment errors.

Learning Objectives

A purpose of this course is training the participants to become an interview professionals through practicing simulated interview and learning a variety of interview skills used at the new/career employee recruitment interview.

Course Characteristics

  • The concept of capacity that is required in selection process and the interview process understanding
  • Types of Interviews and Management skill
  • The Participants will be able to secure the reliability and validity of the interview skills to minimize the mistake in evaluation
  • The participants can contribute to choose “right person” for the company from developing the interview skills.


Module Details Hour
Ⅰ. Selection/Assessment Understanding Orientation & Introduction 0.5hr
Effective Selection Process/ Effective Interview 1hr
II. Capability and Capability Model What do you evaluate?/ Competency/ Practice for Deducting Competency 1.5hr
III. Interview Question/ Decision Skill

Individual Interview Question/ Decision Skill

  • Behavior Interview Skill, Situation Interview Skill, Motivational Assessment Skill

Simulation Interview Skill

  • Presentation, Group Discussion, ORCS Skill
IV. The Interviewer’s role The Interviewer’s Role, Interview Progress, Situation Reaction, Communication Skill, Interview Error and Plan for Conquest 1hr
1. Orientation Interview Practice; Method of Orientation Progress 0.5hr
2. Group Discussion Interview Preparation(Problem/ Index of Evaluation Understanding) / Group Discussion Interview/Group Discussion Practice 1hr
3. Individual Interview

Interview Preparation(Evaluation Component, Measurement Developing) /

  • The preliminary Individual Interview
  • The Secondary Individual Interview
4. Presentation

Interview Preparation(Problem/ Evaluation Index Understanding)

  • The Preliminary Presentation Interview
  • The Secondary Presentation Interview
5. Wrap-up Process Arrangement/ Q&A 1hr