• Diagnosis an apparent problematic situation manifested in the current organization in order to build the organization culture innovation, HR strategy and personnel management system
  • A process of comprehensive diagnosis to find out the fundamental cause for the problems and the right approach
  • Analysis and collect the statistical Data through the quantified/structured survey question


  • Finding out the problematic situation(symptom) that appear in organization in general
  • Figuring out the fundamental cause of the problems and deducting the solutions
  • Suggesting the intervention tools and organization diagnosis model to manage the organization continuously

Diagnosis Element

  • Organizational Vision and Strategy Understanding
  • Perception about efficiency of the organizational structure
  • Satisfaction about personnel management system in general
  • Present condition about assessment, compensation(welfare), career development, educational training system
  • Work process, communication and decision making
  • Organization engagement and trust based management 

Diagnosis Method

  • Interview, Workshop, Online Survey