Facilitation helps not only to deduct the achievement effectively by being involved in people’s decision-making process directly but also to ensure the interaction between people to make the creative results.

Facilitator is someone who helps the organization to make better achievement by facilitation activity.

Course Outline

The role of Facilitator is getting more important because in today, the organizations require a participative leader who leads an agreement of group and creates an idea by activating a group participation of members. This course fosters facilitators and participatory leaders to help them to realize an improvement of team effectiveness and an organization vitalization by using a variety of problem solving activities in organization.

Learning Objectives

  • Cultivate an ability to design a proper facilitation process and to utilize facilitation tools
  • Teach a core facilitation skill that helps the idea generation, the decision making and the settlement
  • Foster an ability to understand the application plan of listening, feedback and communication skill
  • Realize organizational activation, team effectiveness improvement and problem solving by designing and implementing a strategic facilitation

Course Characteristics

  • Profound – a curriculum design based on the participated ToP (Technology of Participation) facilitation philosophy background
  • Comprehensive - Designed to learn both a basic and an advanced process of facilitation together
  • Practical – offer enough chance to practice for using this in the real level

Course Summary






  • Facilitation and Facilitator Understanding
  • Role of Facilitator, Philosophy and Attitude
  • Effective Meeting/Discussion


[Focus Conversation Method]

  • FCM Understanding
  • Conversation Process Application and Design Process


[Consensus Workshop Method]

  • CWM Preview and CWM Understanding
  • CWM Practice


Facilitation process
  • Planning
  • Opening
  • Discussion
  • Action planning
  • Closing
  • Follow up

Facilitation Design

  • 5 Elements of Design (S.T.E.P.S) Understanding
  • Design Practice

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